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TRADER JACK – THE STORY OF JACK MINER is a gripping financial thriller with plenty of romance and humour.

Jack Miner, behind bars for a multi-billion scam and prime suspect for murder, proclaims his innocence.

He writes his story in prison. From poverty to hedge fund trader, Jack’s dealings and flight from the Russian mafia rapidly take him from Yorkshire to London, Edinburgh, Brazil, New York and South Africa. After a series of reckless gambles, and a cut-throat betrayal, he becomes embroiled in market turmoil, fraud and murder.                                                                                                   

Jack spins his tale in the hope that he’ll be released early and that the murder enquiry will be quashed: ‘OK, I’m no paragon of virtue, but who is? I’m a straight sort of guy.’

From the world of money mania, beautiful women and swift deals, this thriller delves into the psyche of sociopaths. Is Jack just ‘another villain’ or an innocent target?

TRADER JACK is timely as yet another rogue trader has been arrested for an alleged $2.3 billion fraud in UBS’ London office. Global markets have become increasingly unstable. The European financial crisis is hitting the headlines, but Author Neil Behrmann also fears the dangers of a commodity crash. Speculators & investors have built up huge positions. Neil scooped the multi-billion Sumitomo copper fraud for the Wall Street Journal and witnessed the fall of fraudster Yasuo Hamanaka when prices collapsed in 1996.

Trader Jack is fiction, but it illustrates how fraudsters can manipulate the markets until they spin out of control. The character of Jack Miner is a blend of teenagers who have beaten market professionals in competitions and young, reckless city traders. Financial market scenes are humorous, exciting and easy to understand.

TRADER JACK is a thriller with a difference. It also examines important issues: from the cocaine dealers’ exploitation of Latin American coffee farmers to the shady underworld of the Russian Mafia. Closer to home, the novel reveals the stark contrast between the poverty-stricken underclass and excessive wealth in the financial community.

REVIEW:-  Neil Behrmann has pulled off a literary coup with Trader Jack.  He has crossed the frontier of financial commentary – where his penetrating analysis has earned a global reputation for exceptional quality – into the world of fiction and created a gem.  This is not just a financial thriller which keeps the reader spell-bound through a roller-coaster ride in market speculation. It deeply stirs the emotions – in particular anguish for the lead character, Jack.  Some may see in him the alienated outsider, but he is also a descendant of Voltaire’s naive, gullible ingénue. Jack journeys through the global financial markets, populated by villains, but he also encounters goodness.

This gripping story which I couldn’t put down, is in its deepest sense a scathing indictment of shallowness, greed and hubris, interspersed with humour of the absurd. Trader Jack will bemuse and entrance all those lucky enough to find their way to it. 

— Brendan Brown, author of Euro Crash, is Executive Director and Chief Economist of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International.

NEIL BEHRMANN, a journalist and author based in London was a prolific commodity, mining and personal finance correspondent of the Wall Street Journal. He is correspondent and columnist for Business Times, Singapore and writes for UK and other publications. Neil’s major news breaking stories and investigative features include several billion dollar scandals, including rogue traders Nick Leeson of Barings and Yasuo Hamanaka, perpetrator of the Sumitomo copper fraud. Neil has covered energy and coffee market crises and wrote a ground breaking feature on the hidden hoard of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He has also written numerous pieces on Bernie Madoff and several other major hedge fund scams and dealings in the diamond trade. Neil has been interviewed on radio and TV. Examples of his articles and columns are placed on and Neil’s children’s anti-war fantasy, Butterfly Battle-The Story of The Great Insect War, received excellent reviews.

“My aim was to write a thriller with a difference,” says Neil. “Besides murder, romance and the ultimate twist, Trader Jack describes how uncontrolled money motivation leads to arrogance, greed and the potential for corruption and fraud.”

Trader Jack – The Story of Jack Miner by Neil Behrmann (New End Books)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

ISBN 978-0-9533843-1-0  Crime & Thriller Genre  438 pages. (Print and e-books)

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A sequel Jack of Diamonds (about a diamonds scam) will be published next year.

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