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Thriller Writer visits Sidcup College

 Neil Behrmann is a financial journalist from North London who has recently branched out into thriller writing. Neil came to the College on December 10th– at the invitation of the Discovering Books course – to talk about how he came to write a novel about financial shenanigans in the City and the involvement of a teenage trader in losing  a hedge fund millions of pounds (based, he told us, on an actual case). About thirty students from the College attended, including youngsters from the English GCSE course for the home-educated.

 As a journalist Neil has an international reputation and was able to offer guidance as to the origins of the credit crunch and other mysteries in response to questions from the audience. At the end of his talk he signed books, and made arrangements with a teacher in the audience to visit a local school and introduce his children’s book.

 A member of the Discovering Books course adds:

 “Neil Behrmann’s talk was a lively, interactive and very entertaining event. It was particularly interesting to hear how Neil’s childhood experiences in South Africa had influenced both his novels: the children’s book, “Butterfly Battle” and by contrast, his fast-paced, financial thriller “Trader Jack”.

Neil welcomed questions on his style and explained his techniques to make the financial, trading world more understandable and interesting to the average reader.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable event and would appeal to those studying literature or creative writing or those with an interest in how a book evolves, regardless of its subject matter.”

– Richard Easterbrook and Chris Wilcock, tutors

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